Last month, my school went to Yogyakarta for study tour. In Yogyakarta, we went to Borobudur Temple, Dirgantara Museum, Yogyakarta Palace, Kasongan, and Malioboro. We went to Yogyakarta at 06.30 p.m. by bus.
At 04.00 a.m., we went to take a bath and pray Subuh. After that, we had breakfast together. Then, in the morning we came in Borobudur Temple. In there, we must wrote if the guide give information to us about Borobudur Temple. After that, we went to Dirgantara Museum. In there, we can saw many incidents in Indonesia struggle. We can also saw many plane, weapon, and other about air base.
Then, we went to Yogyakarta Palace. We arrived in Yogyakarta Palace in afternoon, so it hot. After we entered in Yogyakarta Palace, it was very wide place. We must know all about Yogyakarta Palace. We can get information from the guide in there. We can also saw many traditional music, photo of king of Yogyakarta Palace, and building of palace.
After that, we went to Kasongan. Kasongan was interest, because there many kind about industry. We can also tried to make an industry. In there, we must wrote about produce, distribute, and consume.
After that, we pray Dhuhur and Ashar. Then, we took a rest and pray Maghrib and Isya’. And the last, we went to Malioboro. In there we can shop many things. I bought a T-shirt, but my friends bought many T-shirt.
After two hours in Malioboro, we must came back to parking bus. We went to home at night. We arrived in school at 04.00 a.m. Then, my father pick me up to home.
I very happy and it was my experiences was very interest and can’t forget.