Announcement is something said,(oral) written or printed(written) to make known what has happened or (more often) what will happen.

In writing an announcement, keep the following points:

@ the title/type of event
@ date/time
@ place and who to contact

In announcement we should know the followings;

a.Announcer: who make the announcement
b.Target: anyone aimed to get the information
c.Content: information given in the announcement, including time and place

Read this announcement.


Monday, April 21, is Kartini’s Day. To celebrate it, each class must present a couple of boy and girl. They have to wear and perform the traditional customs. Also, there will be a cooking competition. Each class presents two groups, i.e. one group of boys and one group of girls. Each group consists of 3-4 students. The categories for judging will be; Best of Show and Creativity. Winners will receive prizes at 02:00 p.m. in the school hall. For more information, please confirm your class teacher.